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5 Gel Polish Colors For This Summer

Here are some of our hottest and trendiest colors for this summer! Rock it ladies!!!


Mi Amore

Mi Amore

Silky Girl

Silky Girl

Mi Amore

Mi Amore

Curious Princess

Curious Princess

Touch The Sky

Touch The Sky

Go Green

Go Green

Do you match your nail color with your clothes?

We all have our own personal style and express our creativity through beauty and fashion.  Are you one of those women that likes to match their nail color to a special occasion outfit, makeup or color coordinating with your everyday clothes?

Here are some match matchy inspirations for our the beautiful fashionistas from head to toes!



Celebrity-Nails-From-Award-Show-Red-Carpets-2014 Blonds-Spring-2014 celebrity-nails nail-art-trends-at-london-fashion-week-white-stiletto-nails-with-red-and-gold-point-tips-jenni-draper-and-orly Nail-Polish-Trends-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013



Tracking the Modern Mani – By: Judy Lessen

Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure is a vibrantly illustrated and impeccably researched history of the manicure, beginning with its 19th-century origins and tracing the trend all the way to its massive popularity today.


New from Prestel, Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure is a vibrantly illustrated and impeccably researched history of the manicure, beginning with its 19th-century origins and tracing the trend all the way to its massive popularity today. Author Suzanne E. Shapiro presents some of the most creative nail art from around the world. NAILS wanted to know more about the author and what she uncovered.

What, briefly, is your background?

Shapiro: I earned a graduate degree in Costume Studies at New York University and have been working at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the last five years. I’m probably best described as a fashion historian.

What sparked your fascination with nails?

Shapiro: When I moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago, I was struck by the sheer number of nail salons. They’re a prominent part of the urban landscape, but it didn’t seem like many people gave much thought to women’s fondness for manicured nails or when it started. When I began researching the history of the manicure, I came to really appreciate how nail fashions have adapted to changing ideals of femininity. Suddenly, my own habits over the years seemed significant. For example, I was just one of many teens who sported Revlon’s Vixen in the ’90s for its edgy appeal. And wearing it chipped — even better.

Shapiro: So many things! I was surprised to learn that unusual nail colors like onyx and jade green were available in the 1930s; in these early years of nail polish, the most daring, fashionable women coordinated nail color with clothing and accessories, much like today. I’ve found pictures of pierced nails from 1900 and photo-decoupage nail art from 1912. Creative personalities have always looked for unique ways to adorn their nails.

What did you learn that most impressed you?

Shapiro: I’ve been so impressed by the determination and entrepreneurial spirit of manicurists over the years. From the first American manicurist in the 19th century to today’s nail techs and artists, it’s been a field where many enterprising women and men have achieved independence and built inspirational careers. Also, I think it’s amazing how women have maintained their manicured nails through times of hardship, including war and economic collapse. As a cheap and easy pick-me-up, nail polish can’t be beat.

How do you wear your nails?

Shapiro: Last year, I revamped my nail-care regimen and can finally grow long, natural nails. I’ve been taking a break from elaborate nail art (which I adore) and have been wearing them almond-shaped and solidly painted in red or pearl white. My hands kind of look like my mom’s in the 1980s; as they say, everything old is new again.

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The Best Nail Shapes – Via

The Best Nail Shape for Every Hand – Via

Your hands-on guide to the most flattering shape for your fingers


Nail polish wields transformative powers. it can instantly pull an outfit together and make the wearer look as perfectly polished as her glossy nails. But instead of talking about the “it” color of the season or how to get the best at-home mani, let’s talk about the base of any good manicure — nail shape.

When your manicurist asks what shape you want your nails, you probably don’t give it much thought. You just go with whatever shape you’re comfortable with. Turns out — that’s a big mistake. Just as the silhouette of a dress can accentuate your figure, the right nail shape can similarly flatter your fingers.

Our biggest takeaway: It’s all about proportions. “Focus on creating a shape to elongate and accentuate your nails The general rule is to use nails to complement and make the whole hand look beautiful.”

For example, if you have long, wide, square nail beds, your best option is not a square-filed tip, they explain. Instead, opt for an oval shape. “Elongating the nails by making them rounder will flatter every shape nail and every size nail bed, whereas a flattened, square nail will always make your fingers look shorter and nails wider,” they say.

If there’s a daring new shape or color trend you want to try, it’s still okay to break the rules.

One trend we’re definitely trying: Ange and Vernice’s feminine take on the pointy almond nail. “Create this shape by gently taking the sides away, leaving no corners or sharp edges, and doming the top.” Easy, right?

To find the best nail shape for your fingers, use our, ehem, handy flow chart below.