What is Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish?
Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish polish is a gel polish that applies just like regular nail polish. Our revolutionary formula allows your gel polish to last for over 2 weeks without damaging your natural nail. Our goal is for you to create and enjoy your own stylish nail looks with our home gel kit and we variety of colors, 45 to be exact!
What are the benefits of using Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish kit?
Convenience – Give yourself an alluring manicure in the comfort of your own home
Economical – You get a salon quality treatment for much less cost
Easy – Application is simple and drying time is only two minutes using our LED Lamp
Quality – No more chipping or peeling
Healthy – No more harsh chemicals or damage to your natural nails
Durability – Gellaka Gel Nail Polish promises lasting beauty and a no-chip shine for over 2 weeks!
What is included in the Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish kit?
A base coat, top coat, and beautiful gel shades Nail file, cuticle pusher, and nail buffer Nourishing cuticle oil LED Lamp for quick drying Application brochure with step-by-step instructions
Is Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish safe for my natural nails?
Unlike traditional nail polish that has a chemical smell and can dry out your nails, Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish is free of compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene and phosphates. Our gel actually encourages healthy growth for your nails!
How do I properly prepare my nails for Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish application?
First, remove your old polish with acetone nail polish remover. Using your manicure set included with your kit, file, shape and buff your nails, and gently push your cuticles back with the cuticle stick. To remove any remaining oily resue, slightly roughen the nail surface with the file to assure the perfect adherence of your gel polish. Finally, finish off your prep with a Gellaka alcohol wipe. You’re now ready for your new Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish
How do I apply Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish?
Beginning with your now pristine clean nails, just follow the steps described in the brochure – base coat, color, top coat. And the all-important final step – drying your nails under the LED lamp – it takes only minutes. Now, you are ready to go out and flash your Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polishs around town!
Will Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish dry if I don’t use the LED lamp?
Eventually, however your Gellaka gel will not be properly “cured” or hardened to its intended beautiful finish. Our polish is specifically formulated to work in tandem with the Gellaka LED lamp.
How do I remove my Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish?
If you’re ready for a new color or fresh manicure, just use one of our exclusive gel nail polish removal wraps. If you have not ordered these products (sold separately), then simply follow these steps:“Break” the surface of the polished nail by lightly filing or buffing the top-coat layer Pour an inch of nail polish remover into a small bowl, soak your fingernails for five minutesUsing the cuticle stick included in your kit, gently scrape the old polish from your nailsRemove any lasting re-use with a final swipe of a lint-free wipes
Why does Gellaka Gel Nail Polish come in an opaque black bottle?
Our specially formulated Gellaka Gel Nail Polish is light sensitive and may thicken when exposed to light. In fact, that’s how Gellaka gel works – after you apply it, two minutes under our LED lamp, it cures to a diamond-hard finish. Remember to store your polish in a cool, dark place (but not the refrigerator, please – it will thicken). Should your Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish actually thicken over time, simply soak the tightly-sealed bottle in hot water for a few minutes – it will restore itself to new.
Can I return my Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish Kit if I’m not happy with it?
We are sure you will love your Gellaka GlamourNail Gel Polish kit. But if you’re disappointed in any way, we do have a money-back guarantee. Simply return your complete kit in its original packaging within 60 days of purchase and we will issue a refund right away. See our Return Policy for more details.