Gellaka Accessories Must Have



Product Description

Set of 4  includes:
– Cuticle Pusher (3.0 g): A simple nail tool used to push the skin from your cuticles back and away from your nails to help your nails grow stronger.

– 4 Sides Nail Buffer (3.0 g): Unique, comfortable shape for easy use to create more shine than bare nail, smoothes and evens out nail surface.

– Nail File (1.0 g): Shapes the nail and also used for quick surface filing. Dual-sided surface, strong and flexible.

– Aluminum Pre-Cut Wrapping Foil (1.0 g/50 pre-cut sheets): Use this pre-cut aluminum wrapping foil to remove the gel from the nails.


Cuticle Pusher: Sanitize the nail and push back the cuticle with Gellaka cuticle pusher.

4 Sides Nail Buffer: Use Gellaka buffer coarse and smooth sides to achieve a smooth and shiny nail. Wipe nail with Gellaka alcohol wipes.

Nail File: Shape the natural nail with Gellaka nail file.

Aluminum Pre-Cut Wrapping Foil:
1. Fully saturate the sponge of the remover wrap with polish remover.
2. Wrap the foil around fingers to ensure the product does not evaporate and heat is insulated in the wrap.
3. Soak the nail for 2-5 minutes then check the status.