Gellaka Nail & Hand Care Kit


Luxurious nails begin with the right care! Before you paint your nails with Gellaka stunning colors of your choice, it is a must to make your nails look polished and elegant.  To achieve this, all you need is Gellaka Nail Care 4 piece kit. It contains all the necessary tools to help prep your nails to look their best before you show off your beautiful hands dipped in Gellaka Gel colors.


Product Description

Gellaka Nail Care Kit Contains:

  • Cuticle Pusher – Combination of a cuticle cleaner and pusher to prep and clean the nails.
  • Gellaka 4 Side Nail Buffer – 4 side Nail Buffer will transform your nails to make them much healthier, shinier and dazzling.
  • Nail File – Durable and easy to use to create the shape of your choice.
  • Gellaka Luxury Hand Cream – Ultra moisturizing Ocean scent, best used after .